About Us

Jono Broad, founder of QIπ

Welcome to Quality Improvement, Patient Involvement or QIπ. QIπ literally stands for and does what it says, It uses π as a symbol both for its mathematical significance but also for its name PI – Patient Involvement.  When you think about π (no not the ones you eat) but 3.142 you may see the number that allows you to calculate the circumference of a circle but I as a patient see it making sure your circle is complete. Also when you take simply the number 3.142.  I read it as 3 people involved in care (the patient, the family and the health provider), and the point is there should be only 1 outcome desired by all (the best outcome for the patient), 4 cycles in an improvement project (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and only 2 possible endings, (you see improvement or you try again). So that is why I’ve called this organisation QIπ Quality Improvement through Patient Involvement. That is also why as a patient in Quality Improvement I can help you see things differently.

A Little bit about me

Jono Broad is a long term conditions patient with Cystic Fibrosis. Jono has consistently engaged as a patient advocate throughout his life, he has been a chairman of his local General  Practice patient group and when Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) forums were introduced he became Chair of the Northern Devon Primary Care Trust Patient and Public Involvement Forum and later Chair of Northern Devon Healthcare Patient and Public Involvement Forum.

Jono has also served as a Lay member for Clinical Policy for North, East and West Devon & South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Groups. Most recently Jono served as an Associate Non Executive Director on Northern Devon Healthcare NHS trust. Basically Jono has over 30 years of experience at all levels of the NHS from the Bed to the Board.

In 2015, at the very kind invitation of the South West Academic Health Science Network Jono was asked to take part in The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Accelerated Patient Safety Programme which includes training on the two methodologies that QIπ uses in its consultancy work.

In 2016 Jono was asked and was happy to speak as a guest member of the Faculty to the same training programme and this year (2017) will be working again with the South West Academic Health Science Network to deliver training on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement.

As stated elsewhere on the site Jono would like to thank both the South West Academic Science Network and The Institute for Healthcare Improvement team of Carol Haraden, Frank Frederico and Amelia Brooks along with Allan Frankel from Safe and Reliable Healthcare for the wonderful opportunity and encouragement to go and do what they have taught.

This website is therefore intended to be a spring board initially for Organisations to be able to engage with Jono Broad as a patient leader and hopefully as we grow we will be able to introduce more highly motivated and well trained individuals who approach healthcare improvement from the patients point of view.

Please feel free to contact us about the services we provide, we are positive that together we can make a positive improvement working together to promote Quality Improvement through Patient Involvement – QIπ.

Other experience

Jono has also been involved in 3rd sector, Charitable and Social Housing throughout his career. In 2003 Jono was a board member for Devon and Cornwall Housing Association and in 2007 until 2010 Jono was the Chair of Board of Directors for Devon and Cornwall Housing Trust now known as DCH. During his time at Devon and Cornwall Housing Jono led the expansion of the group with 2 organisational acquisitions and growing the business from 16,000 Homes to 21,000 homes when he retired from the group having served a full 9 year term of office. Jono is also experienced in the education sector as Chair of Governors for Ashleigh Church of England Primary School. Jono brings all of his governance and improvement skills to bear through the work he undertakes.

Jono Broad – Quality Improvement Patient Involvement.