Our Services

We offer a selection of services that we hope you will find useful.

Board Partnering and Patient Mentor Scheme

In 2018 we are launching our board partnering scheme. We are encouraging  all NHS boards to use the associate Board member position to partner with patients and place knowledgeable and capable patients right at the heart of strategic planning for the NHS. Having served as an associate board member for Northern Devon Healthcare Jono recognises the value that that comes from having knowledge of services within the board room when strategic thinking is mixed with real life experience which gives another triangulation of information available to the board in their decision making process.  We will also be offering a Board Mentoring scheme where your board members  can work together with Jono Broad and share experiences that will enable them to better frame the discussion and decisions board take from the patients viewpoint, a opportunity to work together with a successful patient leader who will keep the patient  at the centre of decision making.

Quality Improvement Project

We will become an improvement partner with you. It is extremely important to have patient involvement in Quality Improvement projects. Jono will come alongside your team and provide advice and practical suggestions for how you can improve your project outcomes from the patient perspective.

Whether you need help with your PDSA cycles, your run chart planning or interpreting the data, Jono will be with you prompting you to always think about the patient at the centre of you work.

We are very grateful to the SW AHSN for giving us access to the LIFE system in which we can help you plan and chart your success. You can find out more about the LIFE system by following this link.


Patient Safety Walkabouts

Organisations are making use of patient safety walkabouts and these bring on the spot improvements by highlighting good practise or poor compliance. Often patients see things from a different point of view and someone has to ask the questions from the patient viewpoint. Jono will join you on walkabouts of your clinical and non clinical settings and provide advice on service improvement and environmental considerations.

Person Centred Care – The Patients View

Jono has delivered training presentations and conference speeches about Patient Centred Care from the patient perspective for over 12 years. Whether it is for new staff through preceptorship courses, support staff training or Senior Executives, the patient story is the most powerful tool for promoting change. Jono gives an honest, open and forthright presentation about his personal experience demonstrating that simply listening to and acting on  patients experience is how we start to get a better NHS for everyone.

Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment(PLACE) inspections

For all organisations who perform PLACE inspections it is clear that having experienced patients on the inspection team is extremely valuable. Jono will join your team promoting the best practise of patient involvement.

Independent hosting of public events

It is clear as more organisations go through changes due to strategic planning there is a need for public and patient involvement meetings. These meetings are very often difficult to manage for those who are both making decisions and seeking the public viewpoint on change. Jono is experienced at chairing meetings in the public domain and can chair meetings from an independent stand point.