What People Say

I know its incredibly important to know who we are working with and that they have the skills and ability to have a real impact. I am very happy to provide references from those I’ve worked with in past and those I’m working with on current projects. Below are some quotes from colleagues, reproduced with the permission of those concerned.


Dr Jo Roberts, Medicine Optimisation Lead and GP –  South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group

“Jono was one of the two lay members of the Clinical Policy Committee for the South Devon and Torbay and NEW Devon CCGs, which I chair. This is a technical committee and his ability to understand and assimilate both clinical, but also health economic evidence was impressive. He regularly helped me out of a tricky corner by his ability to probe in detail and delve into the issues on which an argument would hinge. Jono is highly articulate and represents a truly lay perspective, a quality that I believe is in reality very hard to achieve”



Roger French, Chairman – Northern Devon Healthcare Trust

“As chair of Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust I worked closely with Jonathan in his Associate Non Executive role. Apart from the main board meetings he sat on other important Trust committees, and championed Adult Safety. His contribution was impressive, and always demonstrated a passion for the subject of patient care, and the NHS in general”



Darryn Allcorn, Director of Workforce and Development – Northern Devon Healthcare Trust

“When it comes to patient focus and quality improvements there are many groups and organisations who offer advice and guidance, but Jonathan is able to truly see this from the patients perspective and  challenge quality in many aspects seeing this from the patients perspective. His engaging and honest approach bring added value to any programme or scheme if quality improvement supporting the delivery of great results.”



Chris Roome – Head of Clinical Effectiveness, Northern Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

“Jono was a valued lay member of the Clinical Policy Committee for the two CCGs within Devon. During his 2-year term of membership he demonstrated an ability to grasp the essential elements of detailed medical and technical discussions to ensure that the public interest issues were kept in focus during the development of clinical commissioning policy. Jono always acted  with professionalism and a positive outlook to seek solutions to difficult issues.”